Maximum Diving Depth:
985 ft

16 knots surfaced; 15 knots submerged; 9 knots snorkelling

20,000 miles surfaced at 8 knots;
11,000 miles snorkelling;
380 miles submerged at 2 knots

3-5 days submerged


Surface search: Snoop Tray: 1 band

Herkules medium frequency active/passive;
Feniks passive search/attack

Electronic Warfare:
Stop Light, radar warning; Quad Look Directional Finder

This tiny galley and mess hall fed the entire ships complement of 56 sailors, 10 midshipmen, 12 officers

"Like the destroyer, the submarine has created its own type of officer and man with language and traditions apart from the rest of the service, and yet at the heart unchangingly of the Service".

Rudyard Kipling
The Fringes of the Fleet, 1915

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