STP 2001

The ride of the summer

That is what the 2001 STP was for me.  A two day ride from Seattle to Portland, covering some 200 miles. It was the longest single ride event for any of the three of us, nephews Graham, 20, Chad,14, and me.  So it was kind of a personal test.  I was testing the route, the preparation, the bikes, and my duration.  Chad and Graham had each done the Tour de Pierce, a 50 mile ride in Pierce County Washington, a few weeks prior with me, and had done fine, but this was to be twice as long each day, for two days straight.  There were some doubts. 

We got the logistics of transporting people, bikes, support and overnight plans worked out in time to arrive at Puyallup later than planned, and onward to Kirkland for a very comfortable, though brief overnight and early rise the next morning.  This was to be our mode for the rest of the ride.  We rolled into a parking lot a few blocks from the actual starting line to unload, assemble and get rolling.  After that and a couple “beginning” photos, we were at last under way.